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Jimmy Logan and the Lamplighter’s Curse

Jimmy Logan bats and lantern 2

A middle grades novel for fans of Christian supernatural fiction, time travel, and high adventure!

Jimmy Logan, a boy confined to a clockwork suit, worries that he’s losing his mind.

The Mist surrounding the town of Eternity is getting thicker and only Jimmy Logan sees the dark creatures lurking on the fringes.

On Christmas Eve, he is visited by a fiery man and set of a course of discovery beyond his wildest imagination. In righting the wrongs of Eternity’s past, a way can be made for a better future. Is Jimmy Logan, a boy who cannot walk or talk on his own, the hero for the job?

Mir Maid

Mir Maid

A more mature science fiction romance for older readers.

The first thing you need to know is that I never wanted any of this to happen. Nowhere, never, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I’d get a whole city lost in space, some gazillion miles away from my home world, Mir. I’m just a Maid. A girl born for the convent, with some of the traits of the Sea People that inhabit my world.

Space opera meets fairy tale in a wild ride that reaches across galaxies and within the depths of on ocean world, to secrets hidden by Sea Kings at the dawn of Man.