Sufficient for the Day…

At the end of a passage where Jesus is telling his disciples not to worry, he says: Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. I used to laugh at that, the thought that trouble could be a comfort. I don’t anymore.

I am one of those people who gets stuck inside my head a lot. Looking to the past, I rehash mistakes, question my motives, replay conversations. I worry what someone meant when they said… or what they perceived I meant when I said…

Looking to the future, I worry about my loved ones or I invent elaborate projections about how things might play out. The same gifting that makes me sensitive to feelings and possibilities and the work of the Spirit can also sometimes leave me a frazzled mess as I try to figure out things only God can know. Like really, though we have the mind of Christ, there are three things we cannot ever know without clear and direct revelation : 1) our own deceitful, desperately wicked heart 2) the motivations of another 3) the future

I would be far better off staying present and engaged in the world going on around me. True authenticity is found in responding to the world as it is, not how I project or perceive it to be. And so today, I focus on

5 things I see
4 things I hear
3 things I can touch
2 things I can smell
1 thing I can taste

I will ground myself in this world, the world that God Himself came and lived incarnate in. I trust Him to perfect all that concerns me, and all that concerns everyone else. I just have to respond to what is.

Sufficient for this day is its own trouble.


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