Sick Day Mercies

Up around 4, coughing, came downstairs for a while to sit upright in my office chair and wait for another dose of cough medicine to kick in. Put my headphones on for a while and jammed. Am discovering that I really like music by Matt Maher. I’ll add him to a playlist that includes Scottish metrical Psalms, Rich Mullins, Kari Jobe, and Dave Crowder .

Went back to bed at 6. Shane came to wake me before he left for work. I remember it vaguely. Something about Trevor being here for school. I must have fallen back to sleep, because it was 10:30 before I finally made it downstairs. When I did finally make my way to the kids, the house was clean. That was, like, amazing. I love my kiddos no matter what, but sometimes they really surprise me.

Spent most of the rest of the morning working on stuff for our home business, getting everything nearly caught up. Noticed an email about a ministry opportunity. I dismissed it-I’m sick, tired, and overwhelmed with work. Never mind the sheer joy at the very thought of jumping into the middle of this. Nope. Not answering that email. Details. There would be details that would have to line up. I’ve been looking into taking some online classes starting in the fall. I wouldn’t be able to do both. Would I? Our home business will be phasing out over the next 6 months or so-but still, I have my hands full with 5 kids, and they need me. Not answering that email.

After lunch, and joking about it a little with Shane, I answered the email. It’s an idea we’d been toying with on and off, but unsure of the timing. Giving the matter no further thought, I ran into town to pick up patterns. Still a little sick and loopy, but ableish enough to drive. Canceled piano lessons, as that would have just been too long without a nap. Headed right to bed when I got home, and slept for at least a couple solid hours. I woke with a start, and the words “I left the 99 for the 1,” blaring in my mind. When I got downstairs, there was another email. Tomorrow there will be a phone call. Tomorrow afternoon Shane and I will decide if this is God’s timing, or if we continue to wait.

I stood out on my front porch for a while taking in the wind, the blossoming trees, the vibrant greens of spring, the sweet smell of locust, the peach roses exploding on the bush Emily got me as an early Mother’s day gift. I am overwhelmingly blessed, and sometimes I don’t look up enough to realize it.

The day ended with soup from a dear friend, and some time, and a clear enough head, to write. I am not sure what tomorrow might bring, but today was good.


2 thoughts on “Sick Day Mercies”

  1. Sending this in reference to your Matt Maher comment, because it includes my favorite Audrey Assad. Be blessed, Dear One.

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