A Week  in the Life of a Homeschool Family Day 2

I managed to roll out of bed and have pants on before Trevor arrived at 8:30. He noted that my hair still looked a little frisky, but hey, we are up and ready for bible before 9.



After Bible, Shane heads to work. The rest of us read together about Mexico’s struggle for independence. After that and the littles start school with me. They couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter in Junie B. Jones

Everyone not working with me gets to pick an independent work card from the “To Do” bucket, and file it in the “Ta Da” bucket when they are done. Cards include things like “Drawing”, “Read 30 minutes”, ” (various household chores)”, “PE (they have a list of approved activities)”, “Spelling (most of them do it on the computer)”, and “Music Practice (for those learning instruments)”

Littles drawing on the living room floor

Emmy, Trevor and Gracie do Grammar with me.

Maggie was struggling with the Grammar that the older kids were working on. We recently decided to switch things up for her a bit. Maggie is my Scientist who would be quite pleased to spend her day reading nature books and outside wandering the woods. Here she is reading a book by a Pulitzer prize winning naturalist and highlighting any words that she does not understand. When she is done, she will narrate back to me what she read, and copy a passage from the chapter in her Writing book. Tomorrow we will look up all the words she did not understand, and she will copy the definitions in her writing book.

Littles work on Math




Their seatwork time starts with a look at the calendar and weather


Older kids take a walk to the Post Office for PE, after bringing in firewood for the day.




Everyone is eating lunch now. Afterwards, the older group will do Math and we’ll all watch a science video. Then on to the library, music lessons, and the grocery store. I hope to make it home in time to make waffles for supper.





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