A week in the life of a homeschool family Day 1

I love Sundays. We really, truly rest. We attend church, take naps, eat convenience food, and do very little housework. With 5 kids, however, this means that the house is just short of a disaster by the time Monday morning rolls around.

We sleep in on Mondays. The rest of the week, every morning the whole (most of them, anyway) crew is dressed to shoes, has eaten breakfast and ready to start Bible by 9. It is now 9:30 and I am waiting for the a few stragglers to finish breakfast. Not Emily though, Emily is rarely ever a straggler. Emily is usually up just after Shane, in order to feed her animals, and has taken on making the morning coffee. Every family should have an Emily.

I slept too late this morning. Shane and I moved our bed downstairs to be close to the woodstove and keep it stocked during the coldest months of winter. It is a fun adventure for the first couple of weeks, but by the middle of February I truly miss the privacy of sleeping in our bedroom and even when we don’t keep the stove going through the night, I don’t sleep as well. This morning I think I was the last person in the house to get up, dreaming frantically of waking, but never quite getting there.

In another minute, I’ll start Bible. Most mornings, we do Bible time before Shane leaves for work and he leads it. Not so on Mondays. We’ll take turns reading a chapter in Romans, sing a Psalm, and then I’ll read the kids a chapter from their history. We’ve made it to around 1820, and I’d like to get through civil rights by the end of the year.

After history, we normally do PE and grammar. This is Monday, so we’ll take an hour or so to restore some order to the house. I’ll send the kids upstairs to start while I begin in the kitchen. When things look a little better, we’ll cycle through spelling, reading, outside nature study (or play), and music, hopefully getting all that in before Shane comes home for lunch. After lunch, we’ll do Math and a science video, and if it is pretty I will send the kids back outside to play. Emily will study to retake her written EMT test. I’ll finish the lunch clean up and have a little devotional time. If we get done early enough, I may even write or get time to exercise before starting supper.

Normally, I would grocery shop on Monday afternoons, but I really don’t need to this week. I can hit the grocery store in Bridgewater for some odds and ends tomorrow when I bring Gracie and Maggie to their respective piano and ukulele lessons. Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow our friend Trev will be here to do school with us, and we’ll keep a more structured day. But this is Monday…

and I need to start.

The laundry monster must be vanquished!

Emily works on spelling and her high school reading list

Maggie on the Uke

Gracie hammering out the melody to the “old 100th”

Two little girls pack walkie talkies, colored pencils, and sketch pads as they prepare to join an older sister on a walk through the woods


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