Book Giveaway and Interview with Bestselling Author Lisa Prysock

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Today’s virtual cuppa features bestselling Christian Historical Romance writer Lisa Prysock. Stick around for a chance to win a signed copy of her newest release, “Persecution and Providence”.

First, Lisa, I’ve got to tell you, I absolutely was swept away by the story in Persecution and Providence. I love the way you wove  scripture,  historical detail (and Jane Austen quotes!) into the romance between Braydon and Chelsea. Though “Persecution and Providence” is set in post Civil War America, many of your books are set in the Regency Era, and even in “Persecution and Providence” your affection for all things Regency comes through.
What is it about the Regency Era that captures your imagination?
I must admit I adore everything old fashioned!  I am particularly drawn to many things about the Regency Era.  The fashions pull me in right away!  Bonnets, hats, gloves, reticules, parasols, spencers, frocks, walking gowns, day dresses, evening gowns, ball gowns, breeches, and dinner jackets… silks, satins, and more…  I can imagine all sorts of scenes and situations for heroes and heroines and what they might have worn.
I love that during the Regency time period, ladies were treated like ladies!  They also generally behaved like ladies, at least when in public.  Then there are the dances, parties, parlor romances, the Season in London, and lovely walks in the garden to consider.  The country lifestyle is also appealing for my imagination. Pastures, meadows, country roads, country houses, and quaint villages with quiet charm.  Carriages that stop so the cows may cross, and any number of milliners and dress shops where conversations reveal plot twists and mysterious guests make their appearances.  Country parishes, interesting patrons, and independent heroines with depth, in need of rescue…
I must not leave out books!  Jane Austen regaled us with her wit and humor from inside the pages of books.  I imagine any number of romances beginning over conversations regarding books… or in the libraries and sitting rooms of comfortable and elegant houses.  A hundred Darcy characters and Pemberley estates dance in my vision as well.  All sorts of plots and twists come to my mind in an instant.  If only one had more time to capture them all to put to paper.
Are you an Indie author?  What has that journey been like?  How did you learn the ropes?
Yes, I’m an Indie author.  My debut novel (also a Regency), To Find a Duchess, published in 2011.  Then I released a two book Victorian series, Hannah’s Garden: a Turn of the Century Love Story and Volume 2, Abigail’s Melody.  I completed “The Lydia Collection” in May of this year.  This set includes three unrelated novels which can be read in any order:  The Redemption of Lady Georgiana (A Regency Ruth love story), Protecting Miss Jenna (An Antebellum Era Romance), and Persecution & Providence.  I’ve been enjoying the Indie journey immensely!  I personally believe if writers like Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Laura Ingalls Wilder and her daughter Rose, and many more were alive today… they would be all over this Indie thing!
Learning the ropes… well, I wrote my first five books by jumping right in.  It helped that I had made a few attempts at writing books throughout my life and won a few literary awards in school.  I took my best manuscript and ran with it.  I just followed the directions at Create Space and other publishing platforms such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.  There were many long nights, long hours, a lot of praying, and a bit of hair pulling.  Slowly, painfully, joyfully, and prayerfully, the writer me emerged, and with a message.
I firmly believe I was born to do this.  There is no giving up just because of an obstacle or difficulty.  All obstacles are temporary.  I will always find a way around them.  I will always write as long as I have breath in me, and it will always be for my Savior.  I do all of my writing for the Lord.  A portion of all of my book proceeds goes to missions.  All of my books are free from explicit sexual content and yet romantic.  They have clean language and wholesome, and usually educational content.  I like to bring characters to life to share experiences and life lessons.
Thankfully, the journey has been one wonderful thrill after another!  God has been really good to me and opened all kinds of doors for me.  I don’t see anything as a failure.  I try to walk away from every situation as one in which I’ve learned something from.  Each is a small success, but I count every step, every new idea, every new skill I have learned as part of my overall success.  Each step is another step in the journey to enjoy!   After those first five novels were under my belt, I decided to come up for air and felt as though I should try to connect with other writers.  I had no idea how to market my books, and although they were selling, I was sure the Lord was causing them to sell.  I knew I had to learn more and be more involved with the marketing process.  I’m certain that after a lot of prayer, God helped me find two wonderful Christian writing groups to connect with.  That has made a huge difference.  It is really wonderful to meet other writers.  They are all so willing to help each other out.  There is a huge sense of friendship in the writing community.  I really cherish and embrace that.
I am currently writing my seventh and eighth novels, a devotional Arise Warrior Princess… and what will probably be another Regency… but shhhh, that’s a surprise!  I’ve always wanted to write a devotional.  My manuscript is about half way complete.  I’m excited about sharing some of what the Lord has taught me.  He is so good!  The whole world needs to know how kind, generous, patient, loving, righteous, and forgiving He is.  My heart is set on sharing that!
Oh and a Giveaway!
I am really celebrating all that the Lord is doing!  Toward that end, I hope you will leave Kim a comment on this blog entry, and stop by my author website ( and sign up for my newsletter!  I’ll be keeping track of those who do both over the next week.  I  will enter all of those who leave a comment at Kim’s blog on this entry and sign up for my newsletter into a drawing for a signed copy of my newest release:  “Persecution & Providence,” a mail order bride Jane Austen-ish story.  I will email the winner by next Saturday.  When you email back with your mailing address, I’ll send you a free signed copy in the mail.
Lisa’s  books can be purchased as physical copies or on Kindle. Many are available to read for free through the Kindle Unlimited Program. I’ve included some links below.
Arise Warrior Princess (This title is not yet available)

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