Finding Faith Again

What is your spiritual dna? Where did God first meet you? Where did you first encounter Him in a real way?

For some, the weft and weave of their spiritual fabric includes many Sunday school moments and the warm glow of faith being gradually ignited in their hearts. For some it was a moment of crisis where God met them and became very real in their lives.

For me, it was in a little charismatic church growing up, and again, in a powerful way as a young adult. I was a 19 year old being pulled in two directions. I wanted to be a “good Christian”. I also wanted to numb the hurt and pain of a difficult childhood with whatever substances I could get my hands on. I was the one who went to a “dry” Christian college, then broke into the Chemistry lab to drink the ethanol. At the time, I wasn’t even sure what I was drinking.

I confessed this pull to the elders of my church during a prayer meeting. They surrounded me and prayed for me. I was filled with the Holy Spirit. I’d already been walking towards Christ, but I became empowered to follow Him in a very real way. Even though I was still a very broken person, God’s grace poured out in my life.

I no longer had the desire to numb myself into oblivion. The Lord began a work of healing in my heart. I was filled with joy and eager to share my faith.

My walk with Him has brought me to many different places and ideas. Sometimes it has felt more like a stagger than a walk. Somewhere along the way, being “right” became more important than being in step with Jesus. I became puffed up with knowledge and fell out of step with Him. I became so concerned about being right that I stopped functioning as the part of the body God made me to be.

Error and sin can be found in every church as long as the church is made up with people this side of heaven. We should confront these things, of course, but with the mind that we are all being sanctified by the same Holy Spirit who brought us to Him in the first place.  God help me if I ever again try to define spiritual maturity  by someone else’s convictions and not the work of the Holy Spirit in my life.

The Lord is the One who led me in all the places I have been, and the Lord leads me in this pleasant land. Those places, and this one, have become a part of my spiritual heritage.

What is your spiritual heritage?


a reformed charismatic presbyterian


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