Virtual Cuppa with author (and homeschooler) Kari Trumbo

Kari Trumbo is the author of the Western Vows series, a collection of historical Christian romances, as well as co-author of the Cutter’s Creek books. She is also a homeschool mom who enjoys curling up in front of the woodstove. She joins me today for a virtual cuppa and a chat.

Finding time to write has always been a challenge for me. How do you do it? How do you find time do write and do freelance developmental editing in the midst of the joy and chaos that is homeschooling a growing family? 

 This has been one of the biggest difficulties for me as well. I stay home FOR my children so that was a balance that took a while. At first, I would try to write while they were doing their classwork or doing chores, but that didn’t work. The kids asked me not to do that. Now, I have scheduled times for my job. I edit after school, the time allotted depends on the day but is usually about an hour sometime between 2:30 and 5:00 PM. I wish I could get up early, but I stay up late, so that just works for me. Then, when the kids go to bed, I write from 9 until sometimes as late as 11. My goal is 1k words a day. I usually get that, but not always. This whole week I’ve only gotten 3k words written because it was the start of the school year. As to the editing…I don’t do it anymore. It was just too much. I had slowly taken less and less work until I was only doing it for one friend and about 6 months ago, I officially closed the editing doors.


I am still reading “To Love and Comfort”, which I am totally enjoying, but then decided that I wanted to read your Western Vows series from the very beginning. Is there anything in particular that inspired this series?

As to what inspired the series, it wasn’t going to be a series at first. I had the idea for To Honor and Cherish from a reoccurring dream that started after watching some Weather Channel shows on tornadoes. About halfway through the book, the heroine’s sister Lizzy just took over and I knew she would need her own book. Then we meet Margot and her unfortunate beginnings…I didn’t even see her coming…and a series was born.


Margot faces challenges and insecurities due to a physical affliction. You’ve written her journey great empathy. Have there been circumstances in real life that have gone into your writing of this character?

 Margot is the character closest to me. She has injuries that are similar to my own, though I didn’t intentionally take her down that road. It was difficult to write about her because I live with the same pain everyday, to me, it’s commonplace. But, it isn’t to those who are reading it and I hope that I didn’t harp on anything too much.

What do you enjoy reading? What are you currently reading?

 I enjoy reading almost anything you put in front of me, though I have had seasons in my life where some things attracted me more than others. I am currently reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, Dr. Eckener’s Dream Machine, Faith and the Texas Lawyer, and of course, The Bible. 

What have been the milestones or Ebenezer’s in your own walk with Christ?

 At age 16 I made the choice to be baptized as an adult. I was baptized as an infant, but became Baptist later and chose adult Baptism. The second major milestone was when my oldest daughter was 4, things were falling apart in my life. I’d suffered a miscarriage along with other big terrible things that life sometimes throws at you. My daughter remembered a church we had visited for a princess party where she’d gotten to go and dress like a princess and have tea with the Pastor’s wife. It had been such a personal and defining pleasure for her, in the midst of all the pain, she asked if we could go back. The decision to give my daughter what she desired above my own wallowing heartache changed my life and turned me back onto my walk with Jesus. The third and last would be two years ago when I gave up my misgivings about putting myself out there and finally put the story to paper that had been on my heart for a year. I have been so richly blessed with what I call kisses from Jesus since then. Little glimpses at the love an grace in passages that I never saw before. I am quick to share those in my writing. The more you share, the more you see in the Word as you read

How long have you been writing? What was the first book you published? I’ve been writing for a little over two years now. To Honor and Cherish was my first published book, though not the first book I wrote. My first book is still hidden away on my computer.

What was your most difficult project?

By far, without question, To Love and Comfort. Parts of it hit too close to home and Margot didn’t want to share parts of her story. I had to write that one four times.

What is your writing routine? Paper or Keyboard? Coffee or tea?

 I sit in my chair and do the work that I’ve usually been waiting for hours to do. I’ve tried writing it on paper, that doesn’t work for me. I do better when I just type it as quickly as I can. As far as coffee or tea, depends on my mood. I drink more tea than coffee, but I like them both.

How has your faith impacted your writing? 

I’m not sure.  My faith is just a part of my life and I can’t imagine writing outside of that. Not every story I write is expressly Christian, but everything is written in such a way that my faith comes through.

Have you ever written in other genres?

Yes. My original story is a Sci-Fi time-travel. I don’t know that it will ever see the light beyond my hard drive.

Besides putting out the best book possible, is there anything else you have done to reach your audience?

I have a Newsletter and I try to be easily reachable on Facebook. 🙂

Are you an “indie” author? What has that journey been like? How did you learn the ropes? I am an Indie Author, though my goal is to eventually be a hybrid. So far, the journey has been wonderful. I will celebrate my one year anniversary on October 2nd. I have been blessed in that my very closest friend was an author before me and has helped me immensely. 

What kind of things are you involved with when you are not writing?

I home school my children, which take a large chunk of my time. I also read, knit, sew, and bake.

Is there a project you are currently working on that you could tell us about?

My next project is with my editor and we are working together to make it ready for release in October. It will be a Christmas Novella titled A Carol Rings and it is part of the Cutter’s Creek series.

Kari’s books are available free on Kindle Unlimited and are wonderful, affordable reads for those who are not on KU.

Her Western Vows series includes:

To Love and Comfort

To Honor and Cherish

For Richer or Poorer

To Love and to Comfort



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