Learning my Lessons

A draft from last year:

Another year. Another opportunity to wonder if we are doing well enough by our children. I think this is the struggle of every parent, no matter how you decide to educate your children.

We homeschool. It’s not for everyone. We do because: 1) religious convictions and a desire to instill a particular worldview 2) I love to teach and hang out with my kids 3) Some of my kiddos would struggle in a traditional classroom.  I am finding that it is more of a lifestyle thing then just “how you choose to spend x number of hours a day”.

Anyway, the public schools started back today, and with that the old anxiety about if what we are doing is adequate. Never mind the yearly standardized tests, or portfolios of projects that would say, “yes”.

I find myself starting to push. Trying to get my already  very motivated teen to start Writing. She’s doing well, and working hard in every other subject. Getting her to write essays is worse then a root canal. But it’s Writing! Important stuff. We battle over writing every year

Finally, today I noticed. All those times I assumed that she was just wasting time on her computer, watching youtube videos, she was writing. Not narrative essays. Anime Fanfic. Teenish romantic  stories  with impeccable spelling and grammar. Her writing improved drastically over the summer. She doesn’t consider that writing to be “school”, but she does it a couple of hours every day.

I remember when I was her age, and getting horrible grades in school because homework interfered with my reading.

So I back off. We’ll write a few of those essays later in the year.


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