Lessons and Blessings

I wrote this post over the summer when Shane was off work. I hesitated to publish it then. Fast forward three months: Shane has been back to work for over a month, and our family has now entered a very busy season with my sister moving in and needing rides to work,  Emily taking EMT classes, Shane and I doing foster parent training, and a full homeschool year. I am thankful for the season of rest we had before things picked up again

” Lord, what are you trying to teach us?”

I find myself asking that a lot, especially in the recent twists and turns with Shane’s work situation. Shane was finally hired as a career employee at the post office a little over a year ago. We were overjoyed that he would no longer have to go through a yearly rehiring as a temporary employee, and that he could continue in the job he loved at the Mount Solon Post Office. Due to a need at another office, he was sent to work there, to a job he was unable to perform with his ataxia.  Both he and his immediate supervisor agreed he would be a danger to both himself and others. It took nearly a month for Shane to get the right paperwork, but he  submitted a formal ADA request.  His neurologist was super helpful in filling out stacks of forms from the post office. The Post Office had a month to evaluate his request to return to Mount Solon. Shane was supposed to teleconference with  a postal committee in Richmond last Thursday, but the person who was to conduct the interview had a family emergency. Meanwhile, Shane has been out of work.

We’re OK. We have other sources of income and a healthy savings account. Thanks to Shane’s wise handling of our finances, we were on a fast track to pay off credit card debt and home repairs, and we’ve only had to slow that down a bit.

God has provided. Even for some of the small stuff.

Last year, I received an inheritance from my grandmother. I splurged a subscription to an editing program, determined to finally carry out my dream to write. This year, I panicked when I saw an unexpected charge to our bank account as the subscription renewed. I wrote an abrupt email to the company, insisting they return the money and cancel the renewal. They did so within hours of my Saturday morning email. Not only that, but when I gave my reason for not purchasing another year, they gave me the service for another year at no cost (even though the link to my Paypal account was deactivated, making it impossible for them to auto renew again).

During the time Shane was off, one of our kiddos needed some extensive and rather expensive dental work. Our insurance through Shane’s work only covered a small portion of it. Him being off work was the kick in the rear I needed to apply for medical insurance coverage though the state, and all of the dental work was covered retroactively.

God has used this time of enforced stillness.

With Shane home, our family has been able to respond to the needs of others. Shane and I were able to drive to DC a couple times for visiting family. I was able to stay with a family member who was in the hospital. We’ve been able to provide hospitality and be more involved with the needs around us. I’ve had time to write, and get in a better diet and exercise routine We’ve both had more time to read and pray.

As we prayed for a friend  facing overwhelming demands in the midst of life and foster caring, we began to hear that little voice again, pointing out that even though we say we have no more space, we really do. We had to do a little shuffling and reorganizing, but Shane being off work gave us time to do a little fixing up around the house in preparation.


2 thoughts on “Lessons and Blessings”

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    I’m loving your blog but I would also like to invite you to submit a short piece to my own. I think your perspective and style of writing would be a perfect piece for my project.

    It’d also be a great way to get your blog/writing out there.

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    I hope I’ll hear from you 🙂



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