So what’s up with all the posts?

You’ll notice I’m posting a little more on my blog. You might even get a pop up now and then to subscribe to my mailing list.

Have I finally gone off and done it? Left my family for some mountain retreat in order to devote myself to writing? No.

I decided to get serious about building an audience for my books. I combined my author site with “Underhill Manor”. I figured out how to add the button so that people can subscribe to a newsletter (which you should so totally do as 1) I am only sending a newsletter once a month and 2)  I am sending out links for a ton of free stuff).

In the process, I realized that I had a ton of unpublished posts. Some should never see the light of day. Some I’m dragging from the archives as a testament to the journey we’ve been on as a family over the last couple of years.

Anyway, grab a cuppa tea and sit with me a spell. We can talk about faith, and parenting, stories and folk tales. Join me here, in this little farmhouse under the hill.


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