Homeschooling week 1


I slept till 10:00 this morning, took a long shower, and set the children to their chores as I drank my coffee slowly. I used to feel guilty about such indulgence. I don’t anymore. I can safely scroll past all the wonderful things other social media mommies are doing, without even a smidgen of remorse. In fact, besides Saturday morning, I fully intend to schedule shorter times every day (Holy Hours) when my children leave me at rest. Why?

This week  my 5th and 10th grader learned how to write a coherent essay  while 1st and third grader worked on proper letter formation and my preschooler practiced her name. I read history lessons, oversaw Bible reading, and listened to scripture memory. I taught comparing fractions, unions and intersections, the concept of greater than and less than, and how to write the number 12. We worked together selecting classics appropriate to each child reading level and discussed  daily narrations of their chapters read. We conjugated Latin verbs.I assigned spelling lists and science videos, listened to a first grader labor over her reading, checked grammar work.

We played with play dough. We slept under the stars. We explored miles of hiking trails. One day, we ate ice cream for lunch. We got up at four one morning to see a meteor shower.

We made plans for activities outside the home. My oldest is studying to pass the written portion of the drivers test before  starting  8-16 hours of classes a week to train as an EMT. Child 2 is reviewing the notes of the treble and bass clef and old piano music as she prepares to return to lessons at the end of the month. In September, my four youngest  are really excited to be returning to Creative Kids Co-op, where they will take fun classes with other kids their age.

This homeschooling thing is fun. I love to teach. I like being around my kids, and seeing them grow and make new discoveries. I delight in the joy they find in learning new things. It also leaves me pretty spent. I am thankful for slow Saturday mornings. My coffee cup is empty now, so I suppose my tale it done!




1 thought on “Homeschooling week 1”

  1. For as much as I love your posts that make me laugh–I love this one equally–the one that makes my heart full and glad for you, for your Rest.

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