Fat Girl on Weight Loss: PCOS

I lost 25 pounds in about a month.

When I started this series, I had officially sworn off diets. I was going to eat a healthy diet focused on getting my servings of veggies and minimizing sugar and white flour. I was going to exercise. I was going to lose weight the natural, common sense way.

I kept gaining weight. I addressed nutritional deficiencies. I kept gaining weight. I fasted. I maintained. Any time I started eating again, I gained weight. I realized that I was going to crash my metabolism if I kept it up.

I bought a fitbit and started walking 4 miles a day. I maintained. The dog ate my fitbit and I  gained 20 pounds in 5 weeks.


My body produces too much insulin. It is permanently set in fat storage mode. Instead of breaking down fat when my body needs energy, I would get wicked blood sugar crashes and intense cravings.  This is related to the fact that my body also produces testosterone (the male, muscle building hormone) instead of progesterone (a really important female hormone).  This hormone imbalance results in a collection of symptoms called PCOS.

Some of the  outward symptoms of PCOS are:

weight gain, difficulty losing weight


male pattern baldness (I’ve mostly escaped this one)

hairiness everywhere a women wouldn’t want hair (seriously, if you ever encounter a bearded lady, she probably has PCOS)


whacked menstrual cycles


So how did I lose 25 pounds?

After replacing the fitbit that my dog ate, I went back to my doctor and sought treatment for  PCOS. I’ve known I had it since I was in my early 20’s. I’d been taking hormones to get it under control before each of my pregancies. I stopped taking meds for it when I was done having kids.

I was put back on Progesterone and a medicine that lowers insulin levels. As excess insulin can cause body tissues to retain water, I literally lost 10 pounds within the first three days of starting treatment. The other 15 has come off 2-3 pounds a weeks as I walk 4 miles a day and eat between 1500-1800 calories. The crazy thing: I am eating more and a greater variety of food then ever.

25 pounds ago, I was only eating 1000 calories a day. I was tired all the time. Staying active was hard, but I was trying. Today, losing weight seems possible. 25 pounds ago, and even now, a person passing me on the street could easily assume that I sit home all day eating twinkies. I’m still fat. They will never know that even at my highest weight, I was trying harder then they may ever have to.

Treating PCOS, I lost 25 pounds in about a month.


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