It is hard to turn on the TV and believe Jesus’ words: “That the meek will inherit the earth”. It seems like the whole world is run amok. But is what we see portrayed by the media, truth?

Let me tell you, that world I see on the media has almost nothing to do with the one I live in. It makes me want to toss the TV and reserve internet for business stuff only. It makes me want to turn my attention my children, home, garden and writing. To “dwell in the land” and quit fretting about things I can’t control.

But what will we do to relax?

I don’t know. We might have to TALK to each other, play old  records, sing epic ballads, read a book, create art, sip wine as the sun sets in the horizon, catch fireflies.

From Psalm 37

“Fret not for those who do evil

Envy not those who do wrong

For like the grass they will wither away, like the green herbs they will fade.

Trust in the Lord and do good, so you shall dwell in the land

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you your hearts desire”


Commit your way to the Lord,

Trust in Him, He will act

Your vindication He will bring forth

Like the dawn and the noon day

Cease from all anger and wrath

Fretting leads only to sin…,

All who wait for the Lord possess the land

“Be still in the Lord and Wait patiently for Him”

Soon the wicked will perish

Look at him, he’s not there

But all the meek posses the land, in abundance they’ll delight


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