Writerly Me, and Coming Attractions

Writing: a dream I’d put off for a number of years. It was the bit I’d tacked on the vision statement I wrote before leaving the Honor Academy, after the parts about being a wife of noble character, training children, and having a home that showed Jesus to my neighbors (yeah-still working on those things too!). I’d been blogging a bit, and writing short stories, even one or two half finished books, but it wasn’t until my grandmother died last March that I became serious about actually finishing a project.

I just realeased a science fiction book, Mir Maid, an Amazon, under the pen name SJ Kimberly. It’s not brilliant, or even particularly well written—though it is well edited thanks to Charlie—but its a start. I am learning the ropes as far as marketing and getting a book out there, and as of this writing am selling between one and three copies a day (cheaply), which is sometimes enough to put Mir Maid in the top ten in the small category of “Christian Futuristic Fiction”.

So, what’s next?

Charlie is editing Mom Shank’s book, which is up for preorder on Amazon and will go live in March. My only role in that project has been compiling notes and handling the fomatting and publishing end of things.

I am so excited about a rough draft I am working on now. The working title is “Jimmy Logan and the Lamplighter’s Curse”. It is a middle grade novel about a boy in a robot suit who percieves that his sea town is shrouded in a Mist, separating it from the rest of the world and dooming it to stagnation. After a vision of a fiery man in the rafters of his church, he discovers catacombs and the rich, turbulent history of his home, including the reason for the Mist. Can one boy save a town from an ancient curse?

The thing that excites me most about this story is that I will be collaboring with Summer Shank, a gifted artist, to bring my robot boy to life with her beautiful, quirky illustrations. I’m hoping to have a rough draft to Summer by the end of March, and begin the illustrating and editing process.

Two other projects slated for this year are the completion of a novella “The Magnificent Disruption of Shady Grove” and the novel legth sequal to Mir Maid, “Fraternity”.

Magnificent Disruption is a Mitford type story with supernatuaral elements. Fraternity will follow up where Mir Maid left off: with a Droid with multiple personalities, a space city in anarchy, and a Maid who is still finding her voice.

As this is my personal blog, I will probably not be posting much more on it about writing projects. If you are interested in keeping up with my journey as a writer, please follow my blog sjkimberly.wordpress.com


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