The Bedtime Pesonality Test

I really should be working on an apron for our church Harvest Sale right now, but I just has to share the image that’s kept me chuckling all morning.

Bedtime at our house. Picture, if you will, a reasonably peaceful family at the end of a long day.

The Teenager has her headphones on, listening to music. Gracie (age 9) is sorting buttons by color and design. Maggie (age 7) is quietly looking at a nature book. Millie (age 5) is imagining how she would decorate everyone’s room if she had 1 million dollars, and describing it in detail, down to the last ruffle. Annie (age 3) is galloping around the living room swinging a lanyard over her head singing “Round and Round, and away we go!”

“It’s time for bed,” I announce.

“Let the Circus BEGIN, “screams the three year old. She starts acrobatics that quickly and inadvertently turn the living room into a chaotic mess.

“But I NEED a shower,” says the teen, “and you never explained that last Math problem!”

The nine year old has an existential crisis, and the questions begin fast and furiously. “What if the house burns down? Will Daddy be sad to lose his coin collection? Does life really just keep getting harder? Will I just get more and tired? How do cats mate? Why do animals mate? Why do some animals eat their mates? Is marriage hard?” (I will note that when asked to pick a European country for a report, this child choose France)

Seven year old pipes up with obscure facts about animal mating and points out that she is hungry, again. (This child chose Hungary for her report)

Five year old asks if she can have the PINK blanket and a colorful nightlight. (Her report is about Christmas in England)

Daddy holds the three year old while the rest of us clean up the mess, and within an hour: there have been showers, the nine year old is reassured that yes, life is hard but it is an adventure, we’ve had a snack and heard several more weird animal facts, five year old is tucked in a wash of color, and all is well.

I love my kids. Oregon Trip 234


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