The Journey to a Novel part 1


It has taken a decade of research, gutted attempts, lots of “how to” reading, and carefully deconstructing books  that I enjoy before it finally just clicked. I am currently at the mid point of a writing project that has a decent chance of making it to completion and I’d like to invite you along for the ride.

First: what stopped me the other times?

  • I’d have a scene or two in mind that really resonated with me, I was so anxious to get to those scenes that I didn’t stop to write good outlines
  • I didn’t do enough character development or world building before diving in
  • I often wound up with 60,000 word manuscripts I couldn’t finish. Some of the writing was beautiful, but the plot just fizzled on me

What have I done differently this time?

I wrote the  one or two scenes that I was just DYING to write. Then I…

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