Of Spark and Sparkle

Once upon a Sabbath, while I should have been herding small children through the paces of getting ready for church, I slept and I dreamt:

I was in my room when the agents of Spark contacted me. I was given “Spark” and initiated among their brethren. I was given new clothes, the ability recognize other emissaries of Spark, and the ability to hear orders from the Commander. I was sent to do the work of the Commander in the world, and warned that there were agents of Sparkle impersonating the works of Spark.

My first destination was a large home filled with people. They all wore dour, brown  dresses (where were their Spark clothes?, if they weren’t going to wear their Spark clothes, why not some pretty fairytale gowns?).  Some people were sprinkled with glitter, and I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t Spark. No, the glittery ones must be those impersonating Agents of Sparkle

There were children there. They sung dour, brown tunes. Suddenly, one of the women announced that it was time to polish door knobs. The women busied themselves polishing door knobs. Should I be polishing door knobs? Suddenly it seemed harder to tell the difference between Spark and Sparkle and their agents.

Just then, my dear husband spotted me. He called me over to himself with a mischievous glint in his eye. I ran to him, and explained my dilemma. “I know how to tell the difference,” he said, and began to kiss me passionately. “Anyone who confronts us is an agent of Sparkle, not Spark.”

Now, while I certainly did not mind his attentions, I was curious about the logic behind the strange test. I queried my dear husband, and he explained. ” When our first parents were born, in the days before the Fall, men and women were courageous, purposeful creatures carrying out beautiful roles in the world. When we fell, everything was twisted. Some things were amplified, while other important things were thrown out. Thus, though the love between a husband and wife is a prophecy about Christ and the Church, agents of Sparkle would rather see you cowering and chaste, So kiss me!”

So when things became clear again, and my dear husband had a good laugh, we sat together and surveyed the people still left in the room. The Sparkle was seen for what it was, a sad attempt to mirror something far better, but robbed of all its power. An old woman sat near us, looking up at the moon. “In my day, people said the gov’mint had lasers on the moon.” I was about to answer something I had recently heard about blood moons, when my husband redirected my attention to a news report on the television.

There was to be a big government event in Florida, and large blades had been placed in the ocean nearby to kill all the fish so that they wouldn’t interfere with the event. I was sent to check it out.

The truth was worse than the report. Not only was ocean life being senselessly destroyed, there were traps laid for any person who would stop it. My hands were caught in one of the traps, but it could not hold me. A hologram appeared behind me of a brother, who is a scholar in the law. He held a book of the law and explained, “Not only is this a crime against the laws of dominion, these traps make it murder and manstealing. This must be stopped!”

I returned to my husband and we planned how we might overthrow the operation.

A new adventure series for children? Perhaps. But the moral of my little tale is this:

Awake, awake, Zion,
    clothe yourself with strength!
Put on your garments of splendor…

We can quit cowering and wringing our dust cloths  and go out and engage the world. We may challenge governments, overthrow principalities, assert dominion, and above all, love passionately. Break chains, proclaim liberty, be the beautiful feet of those who bring Good news!! Above all, we can be the Empowered Bride of Christ, making our Husband’s name great through our mighty acts.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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