Christian Homeschooling Under That Sweet Law of Liberty.

I read a post recently where someone divided Christian homeschooling groups into categories based on conservative practice. It was written as satire and funny, but it got me thinking about how easy it is to measure ourselves and others against modern evangelicalism or our current culture, without referencing the things the Jesus found “weighty”.

In my mind, it boils down to this: we are to love God with our whole beings, and love others. We can lay many wise bricks on the foundation of honoring God and others, but loving God with everything He put in us may look different from person to person and family to family.

We live in the country and have a garden and tend farm animals, not as a measure of weird homeschool righteousness, but because that is where we are and we are putting our hand to what we were given. My kids use technology in their schooling, they also read a lot of books. We prefer Star Trek to Little House on the Prairie.  Gracie takes Latin and piano because she excels with auditory learning; Emmy takes art classes and raises goats because she excels on visual and hands on activities. I am not very a fashion minded person, so as long as my kids are wearing clean jeans when we go to town, something attractive to church,we’re good. (I still buy their clothes, with mostly farm life and church in mind, so modesty I not as much of an issue as “how long will it last”) We try to read the Bible together every day. We sing Psalms, but I often put on contemporary praise music, Mumford and Sons, or country music on while we do our chores. These are all matters of preference, not righteousness.

My kids could grow up and move to the city, and they’d still belong to God. They could be passionate about fashion, or food, or Microbiology, or political activism, and they’d still be part of His flock. They could have hour long quiet times every day, or throw up frenzied prayers as they serve the poor and they would still require the righteousness of Christ.

Sometimes I worry that the climate in our nation fosters an unhealthy extremism.  Like, normal Christianity isn’t good enough, so we have to supersize it by adding a bunch of things that aren’t even found in the Law. Or we have to reinvent it, because what’s worked for thousands of years is somehow not relevant to this o-so special-generation.

Jesus is our righteousness. Our rightness with God. He is also Living Emmanuel, God with Us who walks with us every day.  As long as my children learn to look to Him, to hear His voice, and be tender to His Spirit, we’re good.


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