Fat Girl on Weight Loss: Eating my Veggies

Down 12 pounds in a little over 14 days, most of which, I believe,  came from stabilizing hormones and losing water weight. I am still heavier then I was before Christmas.

What have I been doing?

The first two this were:

1) Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water

2) Be consistent in my devotional time

to this I added:

3) Eat more veggies and fruit (5-7 servings a day) and

4) reducing sugar and white flour consumption

On an average day I now eat something like this:

Breakfast: omelet with mushrooms or oatmeal with fruit

Lunch: large warm spinach salad with either chicken or bacon and a homemade or light dressing

Snack: banana

Dinner: a protein, a green veggie, and a starchy veggie

Evening: warm cup of sugar free cocoa thickened with chia seeds- helps with the urge to snack

The last thing I am attempting to add to my day is more exercise. I am generally moving about, but it is usually moving about washing dishes, checking in on kiddos, or fixing meals.  I am trying to work toward a total of 45 minutes of intentionally extra movement. Right now I am doing TTapp for 15 minutes each day, and trying to do more outside work as the weather permits. Also making time to engage in more active play with the kids.


4 thoughts on “Fat Girl on Weight Loss: Eating my Veggies”

  1. My one bad comment is I don’t like the F word. But you are on the right tracks, less to eat regarding carbs and more activity will work for most people, it is just a hard task. I wish you well and will follow your progress with delight.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and for reading! I apologize for any offense in my word choice, I do not use that word as a measure of value or merit, just finally owning to my own obesity and need to change.

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