Marital Bliss

We live in an old farmhouse. Sometimes it gets chilly in the winter. When we were first married, this was a good excuse to snuggle. It is no coincidence that our children were all conceived between September and January.

We’ve fallen into the habit, over the years, of letting a youngest child sleep with us during the coldest winter months. Best form of birth control. EVER.

Most nights, our sweet, Precious Moments   two year old comes to bed with us . Somehow, her lying quietly next to me becomes her completely horizontal between us alternately kicking Shane in the head and pushing me out of bed.  We’ve gotten so that we keep to opposite corners of the bed to escape her wild nighttime antics. Her jealous 4 year old sister is given a mattress on the floor.   It’s  flu season, even if we somehow get the two year old on the mattress on the floor, there is a 98.776% chance that someone will start puking just when things are getting cozy.

I think longingly of how well we did with the first two. They shared a room, were great sleepers, and it was easy to keep them in a good bedtime routine. Something went awry after child #2.

And yet…my youngest two are my extroverts. They are less anxious in general and more carefree. The olders are introverts who love their own space. I sometimes wonder how much of that is innate and how much is due to parenting style.

I also very much look forward to spring.


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