The Surprisingly Interesting Life of Edward Lumont

I’ve been following Christian for a while. Very promising writer, well crafted short stories. This is a comically macabre one that I really enjoyed.

The Christian James Blog

Busy Street

There was nothing special about Edward Lumont. He was young, about twenty-four, and he had a job working for an advertising agency where he sat for hours with the company of the occasional donut and a phone that he was more intimate with than the people who knew him. He was not married, nor was he romantically involved with anyone. This would have concerned his associates if Edward was a little bit interesting, but that he was not. After work Edward would take the bus back to his apartment on seventh street and there he would eat his dinner, microwavable and sealed with plastic, easily accessible and quick to make, for as we have said, he wasn’t interesting enough to cook his own food. Edward had a plain face, regularly shaved before work everyday, grey eyes, and hair that was both fair and dull. His appearance and attire was like…

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