A Fat Girl on Weight Loss


I hate weighing myself after going a while without doing so. I look in the mirror and know that I need to. My clothes still fit ok, but the thinning hair near my bangs and acne tells me that my hormones and metabolism are jacked from poor eating over the holidays (yay PCOS).  This news on the scale is not good.

I have been on a number of special eating plans and exercise plans over the past several years. I’ve done Weight Watchers, Atkins, Gluten Free, Paleo,  Vegetarian, low Glycemic, Ttap and THM. I’ve  met with a nutritionist on more than one occasion. These are all great plans that have worked well for family or friends. For me, I lose about 15 pounds, stop losing, become obsessed with the plan and why I am not losing,  realize I now have an unhealthy obsession with food, and eventually stop whatever plan I am on. I try to just eat healthier, but over time fall back into a Standard American Diet and gain back all that I lost (and then some).

For a fat person, I know a hella lot about nutrition, diets, supplements, and yes, even exercise. I can get that first 15 pounds off like a pro. I also know what works for my body type/health concerns over the long haul. The trick is in implementing these things slowly as lifestyle changes and not infatuations.

If I did five things consistently over the course of several years, I would probably feel a lot better and be a healthier weight:

1) drink 8- 10 glasses over water a day.

I’ll work on implementing this one for a week and get back to you on the others.

What I am not going to do:

I am not going to count calories or weigh my food.  I am not going to buy special ingredients or foods that would not be found in the average healthy persons pantry. I am not going to buy anything, except for more veggies and less bread the next time I grocery shop. I will take time to cook and enjoy yummy meals.  I will restrict dairy, but I am not going to completely cut out any food group. There are some changes I will have to implement right away to counter the effect that the food I am eating has on my hormones, but I am not going to try to change everything at once

Wish me…well, if not luck, maybe better long term results.


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