Grace, Glory, and some shit

This happened about a year ago…finally decided to own up to it.

A family our size generates a lot of raw sewage in a week… ask me how I know. No? You don’t want to ask? Wise. I’ll tell you anyway.

It’s been cold. Real cold. Some of our pipes froze. I spent last week meditating on the blessings of modern convenience and figuring out creative ways around the frozen kitchen and laundry pipes. Oh, and the downstairs toilet wasn’t working, but its all good–the wii remotes were accounted for and upstairs bathroom was just fine. We just called the plumbers and shut off the downstairs bathroom until they could make it out. I have been thinking a lot about how God gives us both Grace and Glory. Last week was a grace week.

By then end of last week, I figured out how to thaw out the only remaining frozen pipe, the one on the drain to the washing machine. I got wash caught up on Saturday, and was a little pleased with myself that the house was in decent shape before Sunday. Oh, there was that smell from the bathroom, the heaters in the laundry room only made it more noticeable. And the water. I figured it was from the slow washing machine drain and tried to keep it mopped up.

Sunday night I realized my error. At some point last week, the things we flushed down the upstairs toilet started coming OUT of the toilet in the closed off downstairs bathroom. Thankfully, it must have been late in the week. Shane put an emergency call into the plumbers and bailed buckets of sewage from the toilet. The process was messy. Shit splattered the walls and found its way into every crack and crevice of the bathroom. Plumbers were here first thing this morning, working in a small sewage filled space with large tools. Splat.

I had a “glory mom” morning while the plumbers worked. I cooked a hot breakfast  (and lunch), stacked wood, quizzed Latin words, gave spelling tests, listened to reading,  we did a world map puzzle, read about foxes, finished our math lessons, had our devotions, learned a new psalm. The dishes were washed, the children and house tidy, the house smelled of cider–then the plumbers left. Duh-duh-DUM.

I loaded the kids in the car and left too. I knew I had to clean the bathroom,  I just didn’t want to. We went to the library instead. I brought a laptop and intended to write. Until that helpful librarian came over to talk to the kids and I realized that Annie was standing on a table and the kids were taking apart a lego display (it looked like something they were supposed to play with) . They were quiet. I was writing.  The librarian stuck around, even after I put the laptop away and started following the baby around using the “teacher mom” voice. We eventually left the library , and I faced the grim reality of my family’s final products.

I did clean the bathroom. It wasn’t glorious. It took me an entire box of vinyl gloves, two rolls of paper towels and a whole spray bottle of Lysol. I wound up throwing away the scrub brush, broom and dustpan that I used and I’m not asking for the trashcan back either.While moving furniture around  to make sure I’d gotten everything I wretched my hip. I intended to exercise today, that’s not going to happen- I can hardly walk.   I desperately need a shower and some clean clothes. My kids are watching TV. The baby is napping. Grace. I’ll shower. Supper will be a little late. The kids know where to find yogurt. Grace.

“The Lord is my sun and shield, He gives grace and glory”


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