Mommy Blogging

Though this is more a collection of random thoughts than a typical “Mommy blog”, I am a Mom and I do blog, so I guess it counts.

Most of my posts are composed while washing dishes, or right before I fall asleep. This post may have been typed at 12:30am when I came to check the woodstove. This month, I am doing a creative writing workshop with my homeschooled kiddos, so it may have been typed while they had 30 minutes of silent writing or drawing.  I’ve actually been typing up many more posts recently as a result.

I am learning how to type a post and schedule it to appear later. One result of my learning curve is that some days, three posts appear within a couple of hours of each other. Rest assured, I am not furiously writing all day while my children starve.

Why bother? With 5 children, an old farm house, and no cute printables to share, why do I bother to write?

Simply because I must. I love to write. I am not very good at it yet, but I read somewhere that no one really has the hang of it until they’ve written a million words. So here’s another 300-500 towards mine.

Someday, the insane fairy tale world trapped inside my head is going erupt on an expanse of barren pages and somehow make sense. For now, I have a houseful of children ranging in ages from 2-14, and I only make sense in snippets.

For now, I am really grateful for everyone who takes a fanciful moment with me. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a missing tooth to find.


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