Our Homeschool Winter Trimester

Theme: The Romans, the Life of Christ, and Comic Books

Bible:Our morning starts with singing a Psalm of the Week. This trimester we are focusing on the gospels and the life of Christ for our Bible readings.

History/Geography:We are reading the chapters on Rome in Story of the World Volumes 1 and 2.  As I read, the kids are working on the appropriate pages in our “Rome” binders. Most of our coloring sheets are taken from a Dover coloring book called “Life in Ancient Rome” as well as several lap book pages I found online. Sections are:

1) History: timeline, map of the Punic Wars, maps of the major trade routes in the empire, coloring sheets of important people and historical events referenced on the timeline.

2) Religion: coloring sheets with descriptions of the major Greek/Roman gods as well as stories from Acts

3) Things Romans built: accurate pictures of  aqueducts, ships, roads, and war machines

4) Roman People: activity pages about a centurion, a gladiator, a slave, a Roman household, a merchant, a member of the Senate

Language Arts: I got the kids some blank books that they will use to write and illustrate a comic book. For now, each days lesson is done in a scratch book. We do a short drawing tutorial, then everyone has to write at least two pages about whatever we drew. Tutorials include: Magna girl, superhero, ninja, candy machine, word bubbles, rocket ship, space aliens, bad guys, race cars, and maps of fantasy realms. Once we have done a few weeks of these activities, we will work on coming up with a plot for their stories and good protagonists and antagonists. We will do storyboard layouts before finally letting them write and illustrate their stories.

Math and Vocabulary: Kids continue with online lessons

Science: Emily is still taking General Science at co-op. The little kids have science type classes there as well, but we are also keeping Pained Lady caterpillars and talking about the Life Cycle of a butterfly.


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