The Gramma and the Poppa

The Gramma  built a little tent where her house used to be. She wasn’t hungry anymore, that gingerbread house had filled her tummy and kept it full. It was getting a bit chilly at night, and she no longer had a house to entertain children or treats to give them. That was sad. However, considering recent events, the Gramma considered a “wait and see” attitude to be the best approach.

It was wise. The Wandering Man/ Shepherd of the Lost Sheep/Mischief Maker soon happened by on a stroll with the old village priest . There was still mischief in his eyes, and the old magic staff in his hands.

“What happened to your house?”, he asked.

” I ate it,” she answered

“The whole thing! Couldn’t you have just nibbled a bit here and there?”

“I had help.”

“Yes, well, now you have no home”

“Neither do you,” she pointed out.

“I do, in fact, have a home. I just haven’t a place to put it”

“Well, that’s no good”

“Marry me, be my wife, and I will come and make my home with you.”

“I am poor and you are homeless. What good could we possibly be to each other? Besides, aren’t you still looking for your sheep?”

“I found my sheep, they’ve been here, in the village, all along. As concerning the other, my dear, it is purely a matter of perspective. Your situation, in your mind, could not possibly be worse, what harm would there be in letting me share it with you?

“Very well,” said the Gramma.

“Very well,” said the Man.

“Man and Wife” said the old priest.

The Wandering Man lifted his staff for one last time. He brought it down with a great thunder and rushing of wind.

And there was Gramma’s house. Wood and glass windows, Painted and freshly thatched, swept and furnished.

“It is done,” said the Man, henceforth known as “the Poppa”. The Poppa leaned his staff against the door, sat in a new /old chair near the fire, and pulled out a leather pouch.

The Gramma looked in wonder around her home. She opened the cupboard. It was full. “That’s a magic cupboard,” the Poppa said, lighting his pipe. “You can give the children all the treats that you like, it will never empty”.  Then he stretched his legs and fell asleep, to the sound of Gramma’s laughter.


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