Gramma, the Mischief Maker, and the Gingerbread House

“Tell me a saaad Gramma story,” my sleepy two year old insists with a pout. One more story, pleeeeaaase!”

Here it goes:

The Gramma continued to love the children of the village. They came to her house every day for stories and treats. Gramma kept loving the children, but the grown ups in the village forgot. They were busy, and  forgot to keep bringing food to the Gramma so that she would have treats for the children and something to eat for herself.

The piles of food on the stoop and the stool were soon gone. Only crumbs were left on the table, and nothing on the chair. One day, even the cupboard was empty. Gramma still told stories, but there were no treats.

When the Gramma sent the last child home that night, she was sad. “I have nothing to eat,” she cried. “What use is it to even be alive if I have nothing to eat and no treats for the children!”

Wandering Man was just happening by when he heard the Gramma’s cry. Now, Wandering Man had many names, and one of these was Mischief Maker. He decided to work some mischief that night. He turned the Gramma’s house to gingerbread and candy.

The next morning, the Gramma woke up to the sound of children laughing. They had discovered her Oh-so-sweet house and were eating it all gone! The Gramma went out to try and stop them, but then she remembered how hungry she was and couldn’t help but take just one little bite.

One little bite led to another and soon the Gramma’s house was ALL GONE.

Gramma looked around a little shame facedly at where her little house used to be. The children had gone to care for  their flocks. Her belly was full, but now she had no place to live. She shrugged. “Now what?”

Now what indeed!


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