The Crazy, Discontenting Dream

I have had a recurring dream over the past couple of weeks.

I wake up in a new home. I don’t remember moving in. I am just suddenly awake. Shane has been waiting for me to wake up. I tell my husband about a rather absurd dream I was having (within the dream), then get up to find the rest of the family

It is a large home with many rooms, and more faces appear in each new room I explore. Everyone has been waiting for me. My family is all there, and my extended family, and my neighbors. Assorted children run freely through. We are all getting ready for church, because it is Sabbath here, always Sabbath. My stuff isn’t there, because the house is already equipped with anything I could possibly need. I’m still in Mount Solon, but a different Mount Solon.

When I finally awake for real, I try to shake a slight feeling of discontent. That “dream home:” didn’t seem to need constant cleaning and repairs. It just was as it should be, all in order and never falling apart or leaking or molding. The people I care about are there, and they are happy and unhassled.

It took me until just today to understand the dream as I remembered this: “In my Father’s house there are many mansions…”

My husband insists that this is the dream and that the reality


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