How to Prove Darwinism to the FDA

Very thought provoking!

DNAYou and I stumble into this Universe from a another place where the laws of physics are entirely different. We’re scientists who live for billions of years.

You see Earth and suspect that her life forms’ DNA code was written by a phenomenon called “survival of the fittest.”

I challenge your theory because I’m a scientist. You respect my challenge because you’re a scientist.

We set up a standard scientific study, a blinded, controlledrandomizedprospective, duplicable experiment to settle the dispute. No problem…

1. We randomly select a significant number of planets containing DNA-based life. A few hundred thousand will give us decent statistics we hope.

2. We ask unbiased robots to document the current DNA code of every species on every test planet while we’re not looking.

3. We set up cameras everywhere to document which species are surviving, when and why.

4. We have our robots decode all the DNA so we will later

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