A Surreal Experience Part 2

“So, uhm, do you like goats?” Somehow I’d always imagined this moment would be more significant. I never pictured myself standing in my backyard in a shirt still wet from washing dishes, shooting the breeze with a couple of Martians while my family obliviously went about their evening routine.

“We haven’t found many species that do well where we are from, we were admiring your dairy goats as potential contributor for a hybrid I am attempting to develop. Incidentally, we are not from Mars”

“Oh. This is a really good breed, you know. Very docile, and they’re great milkers. Where are you from?”

“A star system about 26 light years away. Yes, our ships are very fast. No, it is not within your comprehension to explain the technology.  Yes we come to your world peacefully. I am what you would call a xenozoologist, I specialize in the study of mammalian animal species from your world. And, no, I do not want to buy a goat, I merely want a blood sample, if it is not too much trouble.”

“You are telepathic?”

“Not the way you imagine. It is more like being able to pick up on electrical impulses and pheromones. Plus, there are certain questions that seem to be standard when a member of your race first encounters a member of mine.”

“The blood sample would be fine, would you like some coffee or something when you are done?”

“No, though with your permission, we would spend some more time observing the goats”

“Sure? I guess I’ll go inside now? Can I ask, what brought you here, to the middle of nowhere, to look at my goats?”

“We were in the area. Most people in this region breed meat goats, you had dairy goats and were closer to a direct route to our next stop.”

“Alright, then. Well, have a lovely evening. I’ll put the porch light on for you, it’s getting dark”


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