A Surreal Experience

I am still not sure it really happened. I was washing dishes this evening, just as the sky was transitioning from pale blue to violet, when I noticed two short, lanky figures leaning over the fence of out goat pen. I watched out the little window above my sink, willing my mind to register correctly what I was seeing. Two children in Halloween costumes? Short, naked people inspecting our goats? A crazy optical illusion. An LSD flashback from my wilder, teenage days? No matter how I turned it in my mind, the figures I was seeing did not compute.

I decided to get a closer look. Not wanting to alarm anyone, I slipped out the side porch door. As I walked up the hill in the blue glow of dusk, my eyes continued to register the figures as naked, wrinkled and grey- brown. I imagined they were cold;  the evening was just beginning to get chilly. They had lanky arms and legs, and no butt crack. One held a  long tapered hand out to our brown goat. The goat eyed the creature carefully, but remained quiet.

“Uh- hi,” I offered brilliantly.

Though it felt like an eternity before they responded, it was only seconds. A million thoughts raced through my mind as they turned toward me with large, dark, insectoid eyes. They looked a little like the Silence on Dr.Who, but shorter and without the menacing business suits. They had bellies like a toddler and no real genitalia save a couple of slight rumples reminiscent of labia, but much less defined. They weren’t children in costumes, their necks were too long. The goats seemed to see them, so probably not a hallucination. They were shorter than most depictions of aliens and not cute or scary, but alien seemed to be my best option.

“Nice goats” the slightly grayer, wider skulled creature carefully formed the words. It spoke correctly, but somehow its speaking of English seemed foreign.

to be continued…



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