True Story!

Once upon a time, currently, and still tomorrow, there was a man named Dave.  He had a wife and seven beautiful children. He loved God and others. He and his family fixed up an old farmhouse, and made it a place of comfort and shelter to all that wandered their way. This guy, Dave, he and his family were also super involved with their church, and just generally bringing Good News wherever they went.

One day, Dave got sick. It was leukemia. Rounds of chemo were started. It was also discovered that the beautiful farmhouse was invaded by toxic mold. The family seemingly lost everything. The house couldn’t be lived in and most of their possessions could not be recovered. Dave still fought cancer, even after rounds of chemo.

That is not where the story ends. Picture that scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” where all the friends and neighbors bring George Bailey whatever they can to make up the bank deficit. What happened next was kindof like that. The family was invited to live with another family in their spacious home while going through cancer treatment. Thanks to their church,  a rental house was cleaned, filled with good things, and being held for them until treatment is over. There were fundraisers, and there is another one this Saturday.

Today one of Dave’s brothers finishes donating bone marrow, and Dave will receive a transplant. The next stage is an arduous several months while Dave’s body accepts the bone marrow and redevelops an immune system. The chemo leading up to this has been really hard on Dave. The times of separation and diligence following it will be really hard on his family.

But that’s not where the story ends…


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