Champagne on A Shoestring: Thrifty Shopping and DIY

There is a great wisdom in that Serenity Prayer about knowing the things you can change and accepting the tings you can’t. The some wisdom applies to second hand shopping and do it yourself projects.

Sometimes a thrift store find saves you a good deal of money. Blue jeans are a great thing to pick up at the thrift store. I can usually find better made name brands for less money then I would spend buying a new pair at our local box store. I also found a replacement for a broken crockpot insert of a couple of dollars. Another thing I scour thrift stores and yard sales for are books.

Some things are just better bought new. I was really glad that we bought our washer and dryer new because they came with a 10 year warranty. In our house, there is a great value in that. Stuffed animals, undergarments, bathing suits, bedding, mattress’ and such things are best bought new for hygienic purposes. We often buy building supplies new and on sale, because we don’t have the carpentry experience to know what is good and what isn’t.

Electronics are a tricky one. Sometimes you can buy used electronics and they still have some life left in them. Often, you are better off buying new (or professionally refurbished), unless you are comfortable making repairs.

Do it yourself

You can find a youtube video on how to fix just about anything. Last year, I replaced the string on our lawnmower through a tutorial. Several months ago, a friend replaced a broken screen on my kindle. Recently, I tried to replace a cracked screen on my tablet. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong replacement screen. If the one I bought sells on ebay, and I can get the new one in, I’ll let you know if that saved much money.

I have, in the past, started do it yourself projects, only to realize that I lacked either the time, tools, or expertise to complete it. There is a reason we have electricians and plumbers, and sometimes the money spent on one is a good investment. However, some just have a greater proficiency for certain things, I know several people who do all of their remodeling and home repairs themselves and it seems to work well for them.



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