the Po’ Gals Guide to Champagne on a Shoestring


Wednesday seems like a good day to plant my feet firmly on the ground and share something practical. Here it goes. (fanfare)

“The Po’ Gals Guide to Champagne on a Shoestring”

written by a non crafty, non gourmet, average housekeeper who is trying to keep five daughters nicely clothed and well fed

Every Wednesday I’ll post a few helpful tips that can be implemented by just about anyone, no special equipment required.

This week we’ll start with a couple of general life principles I’ve found helpful along the way.

1) Be Generous

First, because it is the right thing to do. Also, you never know when or how it will come back to you, but it always does. Sometimes it comes back in a freezer full of cabbages, sometimes in venison, sometimes a babysitter when you need it. Never withhold good from another person when it is in your power to give.

2) Be content

I used to want a fancy play set for my kids, then I started taking them on hikes at the state park a mile from our home. They discovered fallen logs, dried up river beds, and climbable trees. Nature provides them with endless wonders that a play set never could.  I used to covet other people’s beautiful homes. We have slowly been fixing ours up as we can afford to. Now, even if I had a million dollars, I would never leave it. What other home would have the special loft we built for Emily? Or the memories we’ve made in the kitchen? Or the cozy living room heated by a woodstove?

3) Be Creative

We’ve all heard the saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Sometimes life gives you PVC pipe, or 8 cabbages, or wrong size hand me downs. It’s up to us to find creative uses for such things. Sometimes the use is to find someone else who needs it more, sowing into their lives with the assurance that you’ll reap what is needful in your own. Other times, a good recipe for cabbage rolls is what the situation calls for. Waste nothing.




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