Homeschool Life: 2014-2015 Year, Day 3


Looked at paper fibers under a microscope. Watched How paper is made

Reviewed Continents and Oceans. Watched Tour of the World Song.

Found Greece and Crete on Globe. Learned about Mycenaean’s. Practiced Greek Alphabet.

Latin. Reviewed how to find the subject of a sentence. Learned “et” and “et…et”

Piano Practice

Catechism. Working on the Westminster Shorter Catechism this year. As we are on question 2, also sang the books of the bible song.

Bible: Hezekiah and Senecherib. Sang Psalm 2 and copied a couple more of the verses.

Each child spent an hour on leveled Math and an hour on leveled Language Arts, with the exception of the ones 6 and under- they practiced writing numbers, learned some addition facts, read stories, did some calendar, pattern, and phonics activities. Older children had a writing assignment this week, so we reviewed a few writing tips.

My eldest has Spanish (Online) instead of Latin, Algebra (CR ROM tutoring) instead of Math, and  Science (Weekly Class with assignments) separate from the rest of the group.




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