The Speech of the Rebel King

“In this world you will have trouble”

no truer words were spoken

by a rebel, body broken

on a mount in Galilee


“Peace I leave with you”

no battle greater met

 the One that paid the strangers debt

on a mount in Galilee


“Abide in My Love”

Live as  One bride

In every village and mountainside

without a national divide


“The World will hate you”

because it hated Him.

it shrieked, it writhed, it gnashed its teeth

at the One born with no sin


“I go prepare a place for you”

in a house with many rooms

O wayfarer, once slave and sinner

This is not your home


” I have overcome the world”

Not with missiles or the sword

But by My own blood and testament

Kings will bow, their power spent



So be joyful, have good cheer

for my Comforter is near

though weeping may endure

The victory of the Word is sure.




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