Cooking with Kids

8 month old finds a frozen lima bean that was dropped and promptly shoves in in her mouth. I worry about her choking and try to fish it out. I have her turned upside down as I swipe her mouth, but it is lodged in the roof of her mouth. Finally I get it.

So, anyway, cooking with children

“Mommy can I have an animal cracker?” (times infinity, no really, my almost three year old keeps repeating herself regardless of my answer). 8 month old has found some of that foamy gap filler stuff that she can tear off and chew. Finger swipe. 8 month old to high chair with some animal crackers, almost 3 year old revs her request to a piteous wail EVEN THOUGH I AM HANDING her animal crackers. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. When did my almost five year old start trying to get my attention? 13 year old looks bored. 7 year old is tearing up because I’ve just raised my voice.

So… cooking with kids.

We are making trail mix for snack this week. They can pick something to go in and help make it. I may chase them all out of the kitchen when it’s done.

A new recipe we tried last week:

” Crap, I need to go to the grocery store” Red Thai Curry

1 bag raw coconut flakes fished from the back of the cabinet (should be coconut milk)

1 can sardines (should be anchovies)

curry powder, garlic salt, basil. cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, ginger (should be fresh herbs with some lemon grass thrown in)

brown sugar



3 peppers

1 sweet onion

chicken or pork

Put the coconut flakes in the same amount of water and boil. Add spices (play with the quantities), sugar, and chopped up sardines (with juice). simmer for a while. Strain, you want the liquid, and maybe some of the coconut. Add milk. Keep to side.  Put rice on to cook. Cut up peppers, onion, and meat. Fry. Add fried meat and veggies to liquid. Ladle liquid over cooked rice as you serve. It actually tasted pretty good.

Last week I let Vacation Bible school and assorted day trips be an excuse to feed my kids a lot of junk. This week we are putting the PB and J away and eating a bit healthier. Meal plan for this week:

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, cheese, tomato slices, grapes OR hard boiled eggs and yogurt

Lunch: bean and cheese burritos OR bagel Veggie Melt/  banana, yogurt

Snacks: Trail Mix, fruit


Tuesday:  pork BBQ, coleslaw, fried squash

Wednesday: Super burgers (topped with lots o veggies) and fingerling potato fries

Thurs Chicken N dumplings, fried squash

Fri: roasted chicken thighs, sweet potatoes, succotash

Sat: Zucchini casserole

Sun:Tortilla chips topped with ground beef, cheese, salsa, sour cream



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