Epiphany…Christ revealed to the World

epiphany: the sudden realization of truth

I have had some minor epiphanies recently. I’m listing then in no order of importance, for entertainment purposes only.

1) I feel better about life when I drag my butt out of bed and workout in the morning

2) I can’t do THIS, this life thing- in my own strength. I am too weak, too tired, too irreparably broken, to muddy, to do it. In Christ I am all, have all, and can quietly accomplish His will as I walk in step with his spirit

3) I really miss the more charismatic style of worship, I miss the expression of emotion, the intimacy, the peace and stillness of it all. I don’t really miss the rowdy part as much as I thought I would.

4) Just when I smugly think that the children are all engaged in quiet activity and that I have time to write, Gracie informs me the Maggie is up from nap and has tied up Mille. I will probably not be completing any book projects while I have small children.

5) I am not a total grumpy b#%@!, I am a sometimes overwhelmed Mom. There is a difference.

6) It is not ever going to “all make sense”. That’s why I am called to trust in the Lord with all of my heart and lean not on my own understanding. It is not neat, It is not tidy. It is what the world calls foolishness, but it is the righteousness of Christ.

7) God’s calling to another brother or sister in Christ is different from God’s calling to me. I have to be faithful with what I am given and not covetous because someone else’s cross looks (lighter, prettier, complete with a flat screen TV, whatever) 



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