Proverbs Princess lesson 4: Put on your Armor

Read Proverbs 2

Princess Giselda saw a crowd of angry goblins running toward the palace. Knowing her people to be in danger, she jumped on her horse and charged toward the goblin horde. I hope she remembered to put on her armor!

Amour is clothes made of metal that knights used to wear to protect them from the arrows ot swords of their enemy. A knight would never go into battle without his armor! The chapter we read in proverbs today talks about wisdom being like armor for us. Finding wisdom is the most important thing we can do as we live our lives, because it will protect us from the ways of evil men.

How do we find wisdom? The Bible said we should ask God for it! We also need to keep our ears and eyes open and attentive so that we can get the wisdom that God is giving us. The Bible promises that God stores up wisdom for the upright and He will protect everyone who walks on the right path.

When you listen to God and are full of His words and wisdom, you have your armor on and will always know the right path to take. Being on the right path will protect you from lots of trouble!

My friend, Mary, wanted to grow up and stay on the right path. Every day, Mary listened to her Mommy and Daddy when they read to her from God’s Word. In church on Sunday, Mary did her best to pay attention. She didn’t always understand everything, but just listening helped Mary get God’s word hidden deep in her heart. Mary is ready for battle! I hope you are too!


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