Princess Lesson 3: Hear the King

Princess Lesson 3: Hear God’s Voice

Read Proverbs 1: 10-33
Sally’s sister, Gloria, was such a smarty pants. She won the prize in the church scripture memory contest and was given a bag of honey drop candy as a prize. Honey drops were Sally’s favorite. Sally was a little bit jealous of Gloria. Sally walked home with her friend Mandy and talked to her about it.
“Hey Sally,” Mandy said, “ I’ve got a great idea! Let’s play a trick on your sister. We can put rope across the sidewalk and pull it tight when Gloria tries to walk over it. Then we can take her candy!
There was a little voice is Sally’s heart that told her that it was the wrong thing to do. It was like a guilty feeling she got when she thought of doing bad things. Sally remembered Bible verses about showing kindness and not coveting. She remembered God’s commandment not to steal. Sally’s heart started to feel sad that she was even having a bad attitude toward her sister. “I don’t think that is a good idea,” Sally told Mandy. “I-I have to go now.”
Sally ran back to where her sister was just leaving the church yard. As she ran, she talked in her heart to Jesus: “Dear Jesus, I am sorry for my bad attitude. I almost did something REALLY naughty because I was coveting my sisters’candy. Thank you for stopping me from hurting my sister. Amen.” Sally walked up to Gloria. Tears began to sting the back of Sally’s eyes as that voice in her heart got stronger. “Gloria, I was jealous that you won the Sunday school contest today and I was coveting your candy, and I am so sorry. I forgot for minute…
“That’s ok,” Gloria replied, “want some candy?”

That voice in Sally’s heart and the voice of Wisdom calling in Proverbs 1 are the same Person! It is the Holy Spirit. Jesus said that the Holy spirit would tell the world about what was wrong, what was right, and the consequences. Jesus also said that the Holy Spirit would be our Helper and would Help us remember God’s Word. The Holy Spirit shows us the right path to walk on.
If we want to be able to hear God’s voice, we need to practice. We can hide God’s Word in our hearts. We can do the things we know are right and run away from doing the things we know are wrong. We can pay attention to that guilty feeling we get when we are about to do the wrong thing. The more we pay attention to That voice, the less likely we are to be pulled into doing the wrong things.
People who ignore God’s voice are on the WRONG path. The more they ignore God’s voice, the more crooked and wrong their path gets, and the harder their hearts get. Soon they are doing bad things that they never imagined they would do and having all the bad consequences that come with it.
Let’s pray that God gives us tender hearts of flesh so that we can hear Him, and love Him, and keep His wise and good commandments. Then our path will be straight and our lives will be good.


2 thoughts on “Princess Lesson 3: Hear the King”

  1. Sounds like she heard the gracious voice of God too, when Gloria said, ‘that’s okay; want some candy?’!

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