Life and lesson 2

I stayed up till 1 last night just catching up with my sister. It is so good just to get to spend time with her. The little girls were up by 7:15 this morning, and the neglected supper dishes were awaiting me. They are currently “soaking”.

 The girls are kinda getting dressed. Gracie cut up an orange, an apple, and a couple of bananas to make “fruit salad” for breakfast. Her idea, she even had a “checklist” drawn up to make sure she got everything she wanted in. This baby on my lap is getting squirmy.

For those few of you keeping me accountable to write, you will find the newest princess lesson below. I have been doing these with the girls over a cup of afternnon tea and some fancy tea biscuts.

Princess Lesson 2: Attentiveness

Proverbs 1: 8-9 My son, hear the instruction of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother; they will be like a graceful ornament on your head, and chains about your neck.

Do you like getting dressed up? My little girls like wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and crowns when they get dressed up. They have so much fun playing with the sparkly jewelry and beads.

The Bible verse today talks about the things you Mom and Dad tell you being like jewelry that you wear. How could those two things be alike?

Your Mom and Dad may not be perfect or know everything, but they have lived a lot longer then you have. They have learned many things- sometimes even by getting sad consequences for doing the wrong thing. God gave you a Mom and Dad to teach you the way you should go- to put you on the princess path and not the one that leads to destruction. Your Mom and Dad can get you started going the right way be teaching you God’s word and good habits- but only God can change your heart to make you a REAL princess.

It is your job to obey and listen to your Mom and Dad. They tell you God’s Word so that you can trust in Him and be clean on the inside. They tell you the right things to do so that you look wise and not foolish on the outside.

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goofia. Mom told her not to pick her nose. She didn’t listen and kept picking her nose. Nobody wanted to play with Goofia or hold her hand, because they were afraid of her boogers. Goofia was sad.

Sally’s mother told her not to pick her nose. Sally used her pretty handkerchief to blow her nose instead, then she washed her hands. Nobody was afraid of Sally’s boogers and she had lots of friends.

Both Goofia and Sally need Jesus in their hearts to make them clean. Goofia has a harder life then Sally because is doing something that makes her look foolish to other people. If Goofia keeps disobeying her Mom in other things, Goofia’s heart may get hard so that she does not trust in Jesus. Goofia and Sally both need Jesus the same amount- but Sally at least looks better on the outside, and if she keeps listening and obeying her Mom, her heart will also be soft to pay attention to Jesus.

Mom and Dad’s words of corrections are like pretty jewels that make us look good on the outside. Listening to Mom and Dad’s words help us practice for listening to King Jesus. We all need King Jesus to make us pretty on the inside.



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