One Morning…

6AM- Shane gets up to shower. I decline his offer to join- happily snuggling under the warm covers with a nursing baby

6:15 I remember that I said that I would get up a little earlier to pray with Shane

6:17 I wake up again and decide that this time I really do need to get up.

6:25 finally make it down the stairs and stagger towards the coffee pot.

6:30 enjoy a wonderful prayer time with my hubby. We were both in the habit of having quiet times before we got married, and continued to, why didn’t we think to do this together sooner?

6:45 Children are stirring. Breakfast, getting everyone dressed, attempt at getting hair brushed. Discover a big wad of gum in Gracie’s hair. Gracie gets her first hair cut. I don’t cut much off, but it is still sad.

7:15 I decide that the house is straight enough for preschool and that I have time to excercise. Bellydancing today.

8-11 preschool. Today we are Vikings on the attack. I pull out the shields that we made last time for the Roman centurions. We do our copy work by candle light and pretend we are monks. During our Bible lesson about David, Gracie gets very excited. “MY cousin was a king! I was a fairy once. I had a wand and I flew really high!

11:05 I am tired and grumpy. The kids are arguing over a toy. While cleaning up from preschool, I knock over a basket that had containers of little things. Linking cubes, , crayons and hair ties are all over the floor. I yell at the kids for fighting, then rethink it as counter productive. Pull one child in to help me clean up the dining room, and leave the other pretending to clean up the living room. That’s ok, though, because the baby is entertained…


1 thought on “One Morning…”

  1. Good job, sis, but we really didn’t need to know about the shower; as Tim would say: ‘*deleted*’!:D j/k

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